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My OT career began in Southern California over 35 years ago, providing therapy services to children in long term care, at home via Early Intervention, through UCP programs and an integrated preschool (ICEC). Meeting my husband Mark, business guy and sailor made life so much more complete. Following our wedding, we moved back to the Midwest to be nearer to family. Our first child was born and we began our journey as parents of a sweet little baby with Down syndrome. I was able to use my past experiences as an OT to know the possibilities of creating a meaningful life for a child with different abilities. 

Little Zach even lived with us in Spain for part of a year when he was 3. We visited parks and museums and rode the subways. An epic lifestyle change for us, but with planning and creativity, everyone's needs were met. Moving back to Illinois, I worked in a rural school district and helped develop an OT program for a private clinic. I was parent representative on the Local Interagency Council to promote the Early intervention program in our county.


Our family grew, as we adopted our daughter from China in 1995. Zach now had a sister, Zoe, to know and love. Upon our return from China, I created a private practice, a Sensory Integration clinic out of our home, to be close to my childen and provide needed OT services to our community. "OT Outcomes" was a success for 11 years. 

We returned to China in 2003 to adopt a son, 11 y/o Cole, and returned home to experience family life of school, church, therapies for our kids while developing clubs and parent groups in the community. With 2 children having IEPs, using  counseling services for adoption themes and running my OT private practice, the experiences were tremendous learning opportunities!

Before we knew it, our oldest son Zach was a senior in HS and had the greatest honor of being elected Prom King in 2008, at St. Charles North HS, a school of 2100 students (IL). Our belief in inclusive education (as appropriate) and advocating for his integration, led to that night where his peers showed authentic acceptance and support. 

Following two years of a transition program in a community college setting, Zach was one of the few students in IL at the time, with IDD, that was able to attend such a program. His siblings continued their middle school careers and moved on to HS. In 2010 our family moved to Texas to explore a new part of the country and search for challenging career opportunities. I now work in an intensive feeding program in a hospital setting. Zach lives at home, has a p/t job and attends an adult day program. Our middle son and youngest daughter are completing college and internships in Texas and Beijing. 

In 2016, after years of compelling pediatric experiences, I self published a children's book. "What are your Superpowers?" is my labor of love to celebrate the abilities of all children (Amazon.com).


As a seasoned mom and pediatric occupational therapist, I believe I have life experiences that can empower families in areas of sensory processing, developing adventurous eaters and finding community resources- by sharing ideas, adaptations and collaborations that can make your daily routines more manageable. Please view the Specialties page for an array of programs and topics. 


Infant development and massage


Learn about the power of loving touch - from East Dallas to Rockwall County

"Tasting Time" Preschool to Elementary groups


Expanding menus for selective eaters - from Dallas to Rockwall County

Collaboration on IEP's through Adult Programs


Framing goals  and understanding transition through adulthood- for families throughout the USA

Self regulation for daily routines


Finding the just right challenge during dressing, toothbrushing, mealtimes, play and sleep times- for families throughout the USA

International Adoption-pre and post readiness


Understanding a child's unique sensory needs through the process of adoption and foster care - for families throughout the USA

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Empowering families during daily routines

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